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Christine Beal

Viola & Violin Instructor

Christine Beal is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education at Northern Illinois University. Christine has twelve years of experience as a violist, primarily studying under Elgin Symphony Orchestra member Susan Posner, and currently studies under Anthony Devroye, violist of the Avalon String Quartet.

Christine’s personal journey through music has shaped her philosophy that teaching music is unique to the individual, and every student needs their own personalized learning plan. Christine uses a compassionate and collaborative approach to teaching, hoping not only to teach her students, but learn from them as well. Encouraging her students to advocate for themselves and their learning is important to Christine, and her main goal is for students to feel empowered learning and performing music in a comfortable safe space.

Christine is currently a member of the NIU Philharmonic and hopes to participate in more ensembles in the future. When she is not performing, Christine enjoys experimenting with composition and different styles of music on her viola.

Christine looks forward to meeting you and creating music together!