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Elizabeth Vieyra

Flute Instructor

Elizabeth Vieyra is a dedicated musician with a Bachelor’s degree in
Music Education from NIU, which she completed in December 2023. She is
currently pursuing her Master’s in World Music Pedagogy at the same
institution. With 13 years of experience playing the flute, Elizabeth
has been an active member of various ensembles, including the Huskie
Marching Band, NIU Wind Ensemble, and world music ensembles. Her
passion for teaching led her to work with high school marching bands
and students across different grade levels. In addition to her musical
pursuits, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her pets, watching
movies, and exploring new instruments. She has also gained valuable
experience in world ensembles such as the Chinese Music Ensemble, Thai
ensemble, and Korean Drumming, and has experience playing Chinese and
Thai flutes.